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Hail the Floaters


Home of Penn State University's

Restricted Environmental Stimuli Technique (R.E.S.T.) Flotation Laboratory

A center for the study of the genetics of stress, stimuli response, altered states of consciousness, and health.

- Basics


What Is Flotation-REST?


- Logistics


Our current protocol allows participants to float from 1 to 10 times during the semester, depending on their preference. Anyone interested in floating should email psu.tank.lab@gmail.com with your request. You will be asked to attend an introductory meeting, give a blood sample, and fill out a few surveys prior to floating.


Penn State Students: If you don't recieve a reply within a few days, check your junk mail folder as occasionally messages from Gmail are diverted there.


MedicalExclusions - for your protection and ours


- Documents


Consent Form (#3).doc - A copy of the current informed consent form for our ongoing study. Participants, save a copy for your records.


Information Sheet - a list of instructions on what to expect when you come to the REST Lab


WritingQuestions - a brief writing prompt to help participants organize their thoughts on their flotation experience


- Extras


Collegian Article - a short report on PSU's REST Lab in The Daily Collegian

Note: the article misquoted our study coordinator in regards to the flotation tank in the REST Lab as being "the only of its kind in North America." What was meant is that we are the only operating research lab studying flotation-REST in North America (according to a personal communication from Dr. Peter Suedfeld, a prolific figure in REST and extreme environments research). There are actually hundreds of flotation tanks scattered across the country in homes and commerical float centers. A listing of commerical float centers can be found here.


FloatGlossary - Receive, Decode, Deconstruct, Create, Transmit


Lab Staff Reports and Materials - Reports from explorers and associates, research materials, a space to learn and play






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  • WhatWikiIs - history and explanation
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